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FirstSource is a trusted leader in the creation, design and organization of Hosted Buyer-Supplier Events.

We combine unparalleled networking with thought-leadership education to deliver innovative events where Buyers and Suppliers can meet 1on1 and get down to business.



If you have an idea for a hosted buyer event, or for more information on FirstSource, please email or call

“The FirstSource Event is my favorite event of the year. I always learn something at this event either from the quality speaker lineup and also from the time you get to network with your peers that isn’t available at other events.”

—United Supermarkets

“Very easy and smooth set up and an excellent amount of face time with the target customers both in our presentations and in the relaxed atmosphere afterward.”
—Hain Pure Protein

“The FirstSource Deli&Cheese 1on1 Event exceeded my expectations. While I knew that there would be opportunities to present to many top tier national deli buyers, I did not expect how the evening networking conversations would lead to such creative new strategies…we got right to business!”

—Turner Foods

Listen to what past FirstSource Event attendees have to say

FirstSource: Retail Seafood

FirstSource: Retail Seafood

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