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Frequently Asked Questions

I already exhibit at or attend tradeshows. How are FirstSource Events different?

FirstSource events are efficient and highly targeted for Buyers and Suppliers. Tradeshows are great for seeing lots of people and products in a short amount of time. By their nature, they can be a challenging arena for in-depth conversations amidst all the hustle and bustle. And sometimes, finding the right Buyer or Supplier can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

FirstSource events are designed to enable Suppliers and Buyers to have in-depth, substantive conversations. FirstSource events limit participation to a manageable number of qualified professionals, and are structured to provide multiple opportunities for formal interaction, plus hours of informal networking over two and one-half days.

At the end of a tradeshow, you return to the office not sure about what you have accomplished, and you have only begun the process of developing a meaningful relationship with a handful of business cards.

For Buyers, at the end of our events, you will return to the office knowing all of the participants and all about their latest products, innovations, and category offerings. You’ll have cultivated a valuable group of highly qualified industry contacts you can call on when you need them.

As a Supplier, you’ll enjoy unmatched one-on-one time with Buyers where you can learn about their product and service needs, and their future plans so you might better serve them. Best of all for Suppliers, there are no drayage, labor, or hidden fees!


Sounds interesting, but two days with a bunch of sales people? Is this going to be a high-pressure environment?

Definitely not. The format of FirstSource Events allows all participants plenty of time to meet and talk in an intimate setting. All of the FirstSource Suppliers understand that this is a great opportunity to present their products in a relaxed, comfortable environment. These professionals are interested in having more than a five-minute conversation. They are keen to have the luxury of engaging in meaningful dialogs allowing them to understand each Buyer’s unique needs and challenges, and to discuss ways they might meet these needs now and in the future.


As a Buyer, do I get to pick who I have one-on-one meetings with, or am I assigned meetings?

Buyers will choose which Suppliers they wish to meet with based upon the Suppliers’ presentations and product tastings. You control your time, and meet only with those you chose.

As a Supplier, what if I’m not picked by a particular Buyer for a one-on-one meeting?

FirstSource offers a host of social and networking opportunities to meet with all delegates. In addition, Buyers may add additional meetings at any time during the event.

I’m already doing business with some of the participants. Why should I bother attending?

Let’s be real. The industry has a finite number of Suppliers and Buyers. No event is going to provide all new participants. So while finding new customers or new Suppliers is great, nurturing and cementing relationships with existing customers is just as important! It’s what you don’t know about your customers that is critical to meeting their needs. Only FirstSource affords you the time and opportunity to cultivate those important relationships in a relaxed and casual atmosphere over two days.

I’m a Buyer—what’s in it for me?

As a Buyer, attending FirstSource is simply a more efficient way to do business. It eliminates the need for brief, often unproductive office appointments that interrupt your busy day. Buyers and Suppliers tell us that often, those in-office meetings are spent dealing with the last problem, punctuated with interruptions and distractions. The result is little or no time to talk about the Supplier’s new products or your evolving product needs. At FirstSource, you have the time to step back and address your buying needs at a strategic level. You enjoy the luxury of engaging in in-depth discussions about your needs and challenges with current—and potentially new—Suppliers who, given the opportunity, will help you find innovative business solutions for today and over the long-term.

I’m a Supplier—what’s in it for me?

For Suppliers, FirstSource is your opportunity to identify, meet, and get to know new Buyers; and to spend more quality time with your best customers. At FirstSource, you can really get to understand how your products fit into a Buyer’s business and what other products you might be able to provide. For savvy Suppliers, FirstSource is part sales, part networking and part primary product-development research. It’s really a matter of concentrating your efforts in a short period of time for greater efficiency.


What is included?

There are no hidden charges! All food, beverage and event functions are included for all participants. Buyers attend as our guests, and Suppliers, beyond the participation fee, are only responsible for transportation and discounted hotel room costs.

For Suppliers, FirstSource includes your company presentation, one-on-one meetings, inclusion in the exclusive FirstSource Directory, plus the opening reception, product tastings, all scheduled meals and breaks… all food, beverage, and gratuity is included.

For Buyers, FirstSource includes participation in the full conference program, your custom meeting schedule, hotel room and tax, inclusion in the exclusive FirstSource Directory, plus the opening reception, scheduled meals, product tastings and breaks… all food, beverage, and gratuity is included.

Who else is coming to the event?

We are happy to share a complete list of participants, which is growing every day. Just give us a call.

How do I sign up to participate?

Online registration for all of our events is available for Buyers and Sellers. For more information on attending these innovative and spectacularly effective industry events, contact: 
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