August 19-21, 2020

San Diego, California

An Invitation-only Sourcing & Networking Event

for Prepared Foods, Specialty Cheese, Charcuteries and Deli professionals

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Supplier Packages

We offer two very effective ways for suppliers to participate

Shock Your Sales Strategy

This is your opportunity to experience a unique sales strategy that allows you to rub elbows with high volume buyers of deli, cheese and charcuterie products for two and a half days in a no-pressure environment.  We do the vetting for you - FirstSource pre-qualifies your leads and brings them to you - ready to hear your story and source great products!  If you give us 2.5 days of your time, we will deliver an unparalleled 1-on-1 networking experience.

Shake Hands

You will personally meet and shake the hand of every Buyer in attendance; offer them the opportunity to taste your product during the sampling showcase on the very first evening; share meals, breaks, receptions and more.  At the culmination of the program you'll meet 1on1 with select Buyers for 20-minute sessions to discuss pricing, fulfillment, and even write business.

Buyers Learn, Taste and Decide

Buyers will listen to your presentation and then taste your products before discussing their sourcing needs, as well as your production capability, product availability, pricing and even private-labeling.

Non-Stop Networking

By sharing all meals, breaks and receptions with buyers, you'll better understand their needs and lay the groundwork for productive, long-term relationships.

As a participating Supplier, you will:

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Bill Doherty  

(207) 216-9857