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February 4-5, 2021

An Invitation-only Sourcing & Networking Event for Seafood Professionals

We limit the number of participants at Seafood 1on1 in order to stay highly-focused and exclusive!  



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In order to compete in today's highly competitive business environment, seafood buyers need access to the most effective, high–value solutions for creating new business relationships.



Seafood 1on1 brings seafood purchasing executives together with executive-level and senior sales staff from high-volume suppliers for two  days of 1on1 product vetting, networking and industry intelligence gathering.

Participants will take part in:

  • Highly focused 1on1 meetings to meet Suppliers in 1 day

  • Educational conference sessions

  • Virtual Networking with peers and colleagues

  • Market intelligence gathering



Colleen McClellan

Steve Hedlund.jpg

Steven Hedlund

Week beginning February 1, 2021


At the beginning of the week, Retailers will be able to view information and presentations from each supplier on demand - and at their leisure.  These short presentations will allow Retailers to learn about Supplier's latest products, innovations and category offerings.  Buyers have an opportunity to set up one-on-one time with Suppliers to discuss their own products, service needs and their future plans so that Suppliers may better serve them - all from the comfort of your office or home


Friday, February 4, 2021       

(All times are in East Coast Time Zone) 

This is an optional day if any buyers and suppliers want to set up 20-minute meetings on this day, to shorten the number of meetings needed to schedule on February 5.

Friday, February 5, 2021
(All times are in East Coast Time Zone) 

8:30-10:30 am  Scheduled Private 1on1 Virtual Meetings
Buyer and Supplier Meetings will be set up before the conference sessions kick off for any in the East Coast time zone)


10:30am  Consumer Trends for the New Year
Colleen McClellan, Director, Datassential

Join us for a look at what consumers desire in the new year and some of our challenges.  Ms. McClellan will provide a short presentation and then moderate an interactive, virtual round table discussion designed to help offer solutions for Buyers from retail and foodservice, suppliers, producers, distributors, and importers.  This moderated discussion will be a great way to network with your colleagues and tap into the years of knowledge and experience represented by the moderator and attendees who participate.

11:15am  Is Land-based Seafood the next Farm-to-table dining Trend?
Moderated by Steven Hedlund, Communications Manager, Global Aquaculture Alliance

Johan Andreassen, CEO, Atlantic Sapphire

Janine Bisaillon-Cary, President, Montserrat Group, LLC
Marianne Naess, Nordic Aqua Farms
Guy Pizzuti, Publix

Within a decade, the majority of seafood will come not from open waters, but from fish farms. And not just the kind most consumers think. Some of the best-tasting and most sustainable seafood in the world is currently raised on land. As awareness grows among environmentally minded consumers, land-based aquaculture is poised to explode.

Fueled by advances in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) technology, sustainability concerns related to traditional netpen farming and surging global salmon demand, the land-based salmon farming sector has become the hottest thing in global aquaculture.  Inspired by publicly traded land-based giant Atlantic Sapphire -- which in September 2020 sent the first fish grown in it’s massive farm in Miami to markets in the United States -- aspiring land-based salmon farmers from China to Maine are hoping to cash in on the gold rush.  Join a discussion with your peers on how this new seafood revolution will change the way that seafood is purchased in the future and what it means for retail and foodservice organizations.



12:15pm  Scheduled Private 1on1 Virtual Meetings
Twenty-minute, 1on1 video meetings will be set up for suppliers and buyers throughout the afternoon

Who Should Attend?

Purchasing decision-makers, including department directors, category managers, buyers, purchasing VP's, or senior executives from Supermarkets as well as Restaurant chains, foodservice management, GPOs, Hotels, Resorts & Casinos, and Cruise Lines 

Executive or senior sales staff from high-volume producers, manufacturers, processors and importers of fresh, frozen, and value-add seafood products

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