Who Attends?

FirstSource: Smallwares & Disposables is a restricted-access event; all participants are pre-screened for eligibility. Vendor delegates are executive-level and senior sales staff with deal-making authority from high-volume providers of smallwares, disposables and category-related products, including:

  • Small kitchen and bar equipment
  • Paper, plastics and supplies
  • Tableware and linens

Why Attend?

Cost- and Time-Efficient
Unlike the hit-or-miss contacts at large tradeshows and instead of enduring the time and expense of traveling for sales calls, you will meet and become acquainted with multiple end-buyers over two and one-half days, in one location.

Meet and Educate Every Buyer, Face-to-Face
Within the first two hours, you will meet and shake the hand of every buyer. Over the next two days, you’ll deliver a closed-door presentation to all buyers; display and discuss your products with buyers in the Product Showcase; share meals, breaks, receptions, and more with buyers; and finally, meet one-on-one with buyers at their invitation for 20-minute power sessions to discuss pricing, fulfillment, and even write orders.

Only Powerful and Hard-to-Reach Buyers Attend FirstSource Events
FirstSource puts the control in the buyers’ hands. They decide which vendors they’ll schedule formal meetings with based on their needs and interests. Why is this important? Because we allow buyers to control their time, more buyers…more powerful and hard-to-reach buyers…attend FirstSource events.

More Productive Meetings
Your meetings will be more productive because each buyer has requested to meet with you—buyers have already vetted you as a potential good fit for their foodservice operations and meetings will be spent discussing pricing, delivery schedules, production capabilities and even placing orders.

Understand What the Buyer Wants
FirstSource allows all participants plenty of time to meet and talk in an intimate setting, making it easier to connect, understand, and discover ways for mutually beneficial opportunities. You enjoy the luxury of engaging in meaningful dialogs with buyers, allowing you to understand their unique needs and challenges, and to discuss ways you might help them meet these needs now and in the future.

Increase Sales and Strengthen Relationships with Current Customers
While finding new customers is great, nurturing and reinforcing relationships with existing customers is just as important! It’s what you don’t know about your customers that’s critical to meeting their needs. FirstSource affords you the time and opportunity to cultivate those important relationships in a relaxed and casual atmosphere and to educate your customers about new products they don’t know you offer.


What’s Included?

In addition to the scheduled program, your turn-key package includes receptions, breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, and networking opportunities—even our signature FirstSource Cigar Bar, as well as specially discounted hotel accommodations.


How do I Sign up to Participate?

For information on attending this innovative and spectacularly effective industry event, contact:

Hilary Manning
+1 207–372–0668


Brian Perkins
+ 1 207–799–1356


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